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Giving Back: the Real Virtue

Giving back is probably one of the most commendable and liberating virtues that one can do. However, it is also one of the hardest thing to do and is often viewed to be outlandish since the world that we live in gives importance to earning for oneself, being proud, selfish, and inconsiderate. People can give a lot of excuses why it is hard to give or give back. But, knowing the importance of giving back may shed a new meaning to one’s way of living which in turn may result to positive character formation.

Whether time, skills, or money, giving back is a positive quality therefore it produces positive outcome not just to the recipients but also to the giver. It is a humbling experience. It provides an opportunity to bless others through the blessings that is also given to you. It is a great way to show how thankful you are for the things that you have earned along with passing the goodness to other people. Show random acts of kindness to others today and you will reap what you have sowed.

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